Ghosttown Outdoor

Ghosttown Outdoor

POSTED: 02-02-2024

Deep beneath the river's surface, the undead hide from the piercing daylight. But brace yourself as darkness falls! They'll crawl out of the water, creeping onto the beach, transforming Ghosttown into their domain. Get ready for Ghosttown Outdoor – where the sun reigns, but the night rules!

As we wait for TITANIUM in September, Dance 2 Eden is thrilled to bring you an amazing Ghosttown experience in the month of May: Ghosttown Outdoor!

On May 25th 2024 from 13:00 till 23:00, the mystical Klein Scheveningen a/d Lek in Lopikerkapel near Utrecht will host three areas of 100% pure early beats.

πŸ‘» Ghosttown Mainstage: Immerse yourself in the epicenter of early hardcore, where the beats echo the pulse of the river and spirits dance among us as twilight hits.

πŸš€ The Freak Room: For those who crave intensity, this is your domain. Surpassing 185 BPM, it's a realm where speed and sound collide in a relentless early hardcore frenzy.

πŸ•°οΈ Flashbackz: Take a journey through the history of hardcore, reliving the oldschool and early rave that defined our scene and continue to inspire.

This isn't just any festival – it's a hardcore showdown with the dark side. Dare to witness the undead rise, every beat pulling you deeper into their realm. Are you brave enough to join us and dance at the edge where the living meet the departed?

🎟️ Special Announcement: Ticket sale starts Monday February 5th at 12:00.
A very limited number of Super Early Ghost Tickets is dropping for just € 39,50 ex fee! For an elevated experience, VIP tickets are also available, offering separate entry and access to an exclusive VIP deck. Grab your tickets in time and be prepared to write history with us on this very first edition of Ghosttown Outdoor!

Stay tuned, as we'll soon reveal the electrifying line-up, set to ignite the stages of Ghosttown Outdoor, promising an unforgettable early hardcore journey along the sunny beaches of the river!



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