Ghosttown Outdoor Area Assignments Unveiled

Ghosttown Outdoor Area Assignments Unveiled

POSTED: 22-03-2024

As the river's whispers grow louder and the shadows of Ghosttown begin to stir, the moment has arrived to reveal where our guardians of the beat will command the scene. Each stage offers a distinct vibe, calling out to the hardcore crowd with its own unique sound and energy:

Ghosttown Mainstage: The epicenter of our spectral gathering, where the biggest legends will cast their spells and summon the spirits of early hardcore.

Paul Elstak · Lenny Dee · Partyraiser · Ruffneck · Predator · MD&A · Vince · G-Town Madness · Sequence & Ominous · Dazzler · MC Axys

The Freak Room: A haven for the relentless, where the BPM soars and the energy is as unyielding as the spirits that roam our hallowed grounds.

Painbringer · Lenz · The Resonant Squad · The Raver · Re-Charge · Fuckface · Hellcreator · MESSI4H vs Hellboy · XTNTA · MC M-Core

Flashbackz Area: Journey through time in this realm of classics, where the echoes of the past meet the souls of the present in a dance of nostalgia and reverence.

Panic · Bass-D · Potato · Franky Jones · Human Resource · Pavo · Ruffian · Lead · The Beast · MC Renegade

Prepare to join the ranks of the living and the departed as they converge in unity under the banner of early hardcore. The lineup is set, the areas are named, and the spirits await. Where will your spirit wander first in this realm of rhythm and echoes?   Secure your Ghosttown Outdoor passage now and decide your destiny at   25 May 2024 Lopikerkapel, Utrecht


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